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Osika & Scarano
Psychological Services, P.C.
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       Thomas Osika, Ph.D.                                              Gina Scarano-Osika, Ph.D.

 (518) 791-5904                                                               (518) 744-7978

If  you are in a mental health crisis

Call and leave a message for your provider

at the number listed above


call/text (518) 791-5904 and (518) 744-7978


Osika & Scarano
Psychological Services, P.C.

Our Provider Team

Ginger Donohue, LCSW-R            Josey Kelly, LMSW            Angie Pietrantoni, Psy.D.           Tacey Shannon, LMSW            Cairenn Spooner, LCSW-R        

          (518) 538-1996.                             (518) 744-7978.                        (518) 538-3944                               (518) 744-7302                               (518) 791-6220   

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Since 1999 we are proud to offer mental and behavioral health services to adults, children and teens.  Our offices are located in Glens Falls, Elizabethtown, and Suffern, New York.

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